ViFlow: Interactive Augmented Reality for Dance

As part of my MFA thesis research, I collaborated with the Florida State University Computer Science students and faculty to create an interactive tracking software to use projections in large stage spaces.

Shadows of Time: An Interactive Experience, was an FSU Gallery installation which premiered ViFlow in the William Johnston Building Gallery on March 20th-25th, 2017 as part of my thesis research.

Check out the video below of the premiere of ViFlow:

My research team and I published a paper on ViFlow and presented this work in the International Computational Creativity Conference, June 2016,  in Paris, France.

*Please click here to read the paper*

ViFlow Research Team:

Taylor Brockhoeft, Jennifer Petuch, James Bach, Emil Djerekarov, Margareta Ackerman, Gary Tyson, Ashleigh Davis, Rathna Ramesh, Jarrod Moore, Raidel Hernandez, Victor Brunell, Eric Serbousek, and Nicolas Mauthes

Photography by Meagan Helman