Skin Deep (Excerpt)

Choreographer: Jennifer Petuch
Dancers: Brooke Bissell, Esophia Higgins, Amanda Roa
Music: Ed Harrison
Shoes at the Door Dance Company

This piece utilized sound-activated electroluminescent light wire on costumes as an intricate technical component. This piece is a metaphor on the idea of influence; that as a species, we are easily influenced mentally and physically by each other, regardless of how much we struggle to reject it.

Parallel Spectrum (Excerpt)

Choreographer: Jennifer Petuch
Dancers: Laurel Frye, Esophia Higgins, Sadie Lehmker, Amanda Roa, Brooke Willis
Music: Solar Fields, Klaus Obermaier
Trialog Patch: Joey Bargsten
Shoes at the Door Dance Company

Parallel Spectrum was created in collaboration with lighting designer Anthony Vito and Florida Atlantic University Professor and Programmer Joey Bargsten. This multimedia group piece utilized an infrared sensory light camera on stage with software Quartz Composer. The program note read: “What if in an alternate reality it was normal to be able to see radiant and kinetic energy wavelengths in everyday motion? This parallel universe will finally be revealed to you and you will be able to view how our “parallel selves” experience every day motion… but in a new light. You are a part of this piece; we are all in this reality together and will always remain connected.”

Photography by Meagan Helman