Within Time's Grip

MFA Thesis Concert 2017

Within Time’s Grip is a 25-minute thesis concert depicting the story of a protagonist who reflects upon her life experiences. This piece featured extensive use of frontal and rear projection and premiered the motion-tracking software ViFlow, made in collaboration with the FSU Computer Science department.

Full length video below:

Within Time's Grip

Director, Projection Designer, Video and Music Editor: Jennifer Petuch

Rehearsal Assistant: Bridget Close

Technology Assistants: Bridget Close, Jillian Ley, and Samantha Scioneaux

Costume Designers: Jennifer Petuch and Mary Roberts

Lighting Designer: J. Russell Sandifer


Prelude: The Locker of Time

Choreographer: Jennifer Petuch

Music: The Turing Test by Ben Salisbury and Geo Barrow, Synthetic Humans: Genesis by Cristobal Tapia De Veer, Strange Cinematic Ambiance by Erick McNerney

Dancer: Jennifer Petuch


World I: Innocence

Choreographer: Jennifer Petuch

Music: Douglas Corbin

Videographers: Jillian Ley and Samantha Scioneaux

Video Source Material: Boscorelli Art

Dancer: Jennifer Petuch

Understudy: Caroline Labreche


World II: Manipulation

Choreographer: Jennifer Petuch in collaboration with Bridget Close, Caroline Labreche, Athena Lewis,
and Sarah Rose

Music: Out of the Frying Pan by Plaid

Videographer: Meagan Helman

Dancers: Caroline Labreche, Athena Lewis, Jennifer Petuch, and Sarah Rose

Understudies: Mara Goebelbecker and Caroline Labreche


World III: Game-on

Choreographer: Jennifer Petuch in collaboration with Bridget Close, Scott Lindenberg, Andre Lumpkin,
Ryan McMullen, and Samantha Scioneaux

Music: Mega Man 3: Intro Music by Yasuaki Fujita, SNES Top Gear Cover by Blix, Cantina Band (8 Bit Mad about me) by Music Legends, Triumph by nervous_testpilot

Videographers: Bridget Close and Jillian Ley

Video Source Material (Last section): Courtesy of Pixabay.com

Dancers: Scott Lindenburg, Andre Lumpkin, Ryan McMullen, and Jennifer Petuch

Understudy: Caroline Labreche


World IV: Coded

Choreographer: Jennifer Petuch

Music: Duo Contorsion by Armand Amar

Videographer: Mary Roberts

Video Source Material: Pond5.com

Dancer: Jennifer Petuch

Understudy: Caroline Labreche

ViFlow Research Team: Margareta Ackerman, James Bach, Taylor Brockhoeft, Victor Brunell, Ashleigh Davis, Emil Djerekarov, Raidel Hernandez, Nicolas Mauthes, Jarrod Moore, Rathna Ramesh, Eric Serbousek, and Gary Tyson

Sending a big thanks to J. Russell Sandifer and to my mentors Tim Glenn and Rodger Belman!


*Please click here to read my M.F.A. Thesis Proposal*


Photography by Meagan Helman