Propinquity is a piece inspired by the Holographic Universe Principle, which is based on the fact that the Event Horizon (outer edge of a Black Hole), collects all the information with which it comes in contact. That information becomes incredibly organized and creates a projected reality in the Black Hole. We call this reality our Universe, and in turn, our Universe is a holographic projection. However, since the human mind is capable of altering reality, this demonstrates that our minds and the Universe are linked as one and we have the capability to control our future.

Director & Projection Designer: Jennifer A. Petuch
Choreography: In collaboration with Katelyn Hamilton, Havilah Moore & Jennifer A. Petuch
Dancers: Katelyn Hamilton (4/20, 4/26), Havilah Moore (4/27)
Technical Assistants: Conrad Channell, Aigars Larionovs
Music: Max Aruj
Sound & Video Editor: Jennifer A. Petuch
Lighting Designer: J. Russell Sandifer Costumes: Jennifer A. Petuch
Additional Technical Assistants: Gabrielle Barnes, Aaron Smith & Evelyn Washburn
Florida State University
School of Dance

Agree to Disagree

Director, Guest Artist, Projection Designer, Video & Sound Editor: Jennifer Petuch
Choreography: Jennifer Petuch
in collaboration with Maryanne Ellspermann, Delaney Keefe & Allison Kramer
Tech & Rehearsal Assistants/Understudies: Lindsey Parker & Viashya Williams-Jules
Dancers: Maryanne Ellspermann, Delaney Keefe & Allison Kramer
Music: Nico Muhly, Ghost in the Shell & Magnus Deus
FAU Repertory Dance Theatre Ensemble


Norton Museum of Art
"Miss Lucy's 3 Day Dollhouse Party" exhibit

Projection Designer, Multimedia Artist, & Editor: Jennifer Petuch
Choreographer: Lauren Carey
Dancers: Lauren Carey, Lyndsey Carey, & Hayley Mertens
Music: Aphex Twin
Ballet Florida

In This Together

Director, Editor, Projection Designer, Choreographer, & Leap Motion operator:
Jennifer Petuch
Dancer: Ircamar Garcia
Music: Caelum by Oskar Schuster & Cypix
Florida State University


Photography by Meagan Helman