Agree to Disagree

Director, Guest Artist, Projection Designer, Video & Sound Editor: Jennifer Petuch
Choreography: Jennifer Petuch
in collaboration with Maryanne Ellspermann, Delaney Keefe & Allison Kramer
Tech & Rehearsal Assistants/Understudies: Lindsey Parker & Viashya Williams-Jules
Maryanne Ellspermann, Delaney Keefe & Allison Kramer
Music: Nico Muhly, Ghost in the Shell & Magnus Deus

FAU Repertory Dance Theatre Ensemble


Norton Museum of Art
"Miss Lucy's 3 Day Dollhouse Party" exhibit

Projection Designer, Multimedia Artist, & Editor: Jennifer Petuch
Choreographer: Lauren Carey
Lauren Carey, Lyndsey Carey, & Hayley Mertens
Music: Aphex Twin

Ballet Florida

In This Together

Director, Editor, Projection Designer, Choreographer, & Leap Motion operator:
Jennifer Petuch
Dancer: Ircamar Garcia
Music: Caelum by Oskar Schuster & Cypix

Florida State University


Photography by Meagan Helman